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Taking Point

Very early in the battle with Stage Four Melanoma, my dad gave me a new Godly perspective on what was happening. "You are in God's army," he said, "and He's asked you to take the point." I've never been in the military, but images and thoughts immediately started coming to me about what being on point must be like. I surmised that being on point is a huge responsibility and an honor to receive the duty. Here's what I wrote in my journal that day about being on point:

On Point

On point, all your senses go on high alert. You hear the faintest whisper. You spot the slightest movement ahead. You can smell everything and detect the enemy’s foul stench from miles away. On point, talking too much can be fatal, so you watch and you listen. On point, you constantly pray as you are walking.

And when you’re under attack, with bullets whistling by your head and mortars exploding all around, you block out all else and focus on your platoon leader. Your platoon leader frequently uses signals to communicate with you, so you dare not take your eyes off him for long. He gives an order and you obey it immediately and without hesitation because you know He is the only one that will get you through this.

On point is where you learn about faith and the power of obedience.

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