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North Carolina Nice

You've all heard of "Minnesota Nice," right? Well, this is "North Carolina Nice."

While trout fishing the toe river for three days, I never saw another fisherman; until the last day, late in the afternoon. He lived right across the street from the stretch I was fishing and he said he'd been slaying the trout all day on this great little spinner fly his father-in-law had tied years ago before he died.

Then, he clipped that fly off of his line, and said, "I want you to have this."

"I can't do that," I said. "Your father-in-law tied this fly. I'm sure it's very special to you."

"Oh, please, let me do this for you," he said, very insistent.

Reluctantly, I accepted the spinner fly and thanked him as graciously as I knew how.

He just smiled and said, "It's my great pleasure to do it. It will serve you well. Come and see us again sometime!" knowing I wasn't from around there.

Kindness and generosity to a perfect stranger. That's what "North Carolina Nice" looks like!

Fisherman's Apprentice:

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