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Never Leave Fish to Find Fish

According to folklore, Moses once said, "Never leave fish to find fish." Regardless of whether Moses actually said it or not, it makes a lot of sense to me. We fishermen spend a lot of time and energy looking for fish and positioning our boat in just the right spot. Some days, finding fish can mean a big investment in time and fuel. So, when you finally do find the fish and you're catching big ones, leaving that spot to find fish doesn't make any sense at all.

The same is true in life. Sometimes we're fortunate enough to find a sweet spot, or a honey hole as we fishermen call it. In this spot, we're doing the right things and God is blessing us in a big way. We're talking with God regularly and our relationships with Him and others are strong. But then, inexplicably, we allow our boat to drift off of the honey hole and things start to go wrong. So, we quickly lose faith and strike out into open ocean searching for a new spot, expending tons of time, energy, and fuel.

What a pity. Had we simply not allowed our boat to drift off of the honey hole, we'd still be catching fish!

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